DiversityQ is delighted to present Rethinking Inclusive Mentorship

The first of our DiversityQ Perspectives will educate delegates on how they can establish a truly inclusive mentorship program within their organisation.

We are seeing time and time again, organisations performing the tick-box, bare minimum to comply with regulations and ‘social pressure’; but all-too-often the action is missing behind the words. Together with our esteemed panel of speakers we will take a 2 hour deep-dive into leading research on how mentorship can foster inclusive cultures, exploring:

  • Why a mentorship programme can be one of the most authentically successful DEI initiatives
  • How well-designed programmes can improve minority representation in leadership
  • Testing your business’ readiness for a mentorship programme which focuses on inclusion
  • How to ensure your initiatives remain equitable throughout their lifecycles 


DiversityQ Presents is the platform for professional education, networking and collaborative knowledge-sharing. Join an international community of talent professionals and DEI experts at this online event to lead the conversation on authenticity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

We look forward to welcoming you.