Bonhill Group’s Information Age and DiversityQ welcome you to the Women in IT Awards Asia. 

Asia Pacific countries have experienced extraordinary economic growth in the past three decades. With new affluence, Asia’s talent pool has increased in size and this economic boom should be the biggest testament to growth, innovation and stability; however, organisations are still facing a talent shortage and women’s dropout rates in middle management are high. Despite more women pursuing tertiary education, only a small percentage take up CEO or managing director positions, and 14% of women who enroll never even enter the workforce. 

We will come together on 10 December 2020 to shine a light on the outstanding female tech talent in the industry, as well as the employers that are implementing diversity initiatives and breaking boundaries to spearhead real change in the sector. We’ll award high-achievers and advocates, identifying new role models to inspire more women into careers in tech. Join us for an afternoon of celebration, networking and inspiration!

Prior to the awards, we will be hosting the Women in IT Virtual Summit on 9 December, bringing together delegates from around the world to address these pressing concerns and through knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking opportunities will help organisations and individuals to; redefine and enhance your role as an IT leader,  find your voice to be heard and respected and give back by inspiring and encouraging future generations. To find out more - click here 


WIT Award Winners 2019