Bonhill Group’s Information Age and DiversityQ welcome you to the Women in IT Summit – New York. 

From school to the boardroom, women are poorly represented in the world of technology. In the US, 28% of AP Computer Science test-takers are female (USA Today, 2018), but only 18.7% of computing & information science graduates are women (Catalyst, Women in STEM, 2019). Fast-forward to the workplace, and women were in only a quarter of professional computing jobs in the US in 2018. In leadership, the scene continues to be male-dominated, with Fortune 500 companies featuring merely 6.6% women CEOs (Fortune, 2019). 

Moving beyond gender, the poor representation of diverse talent in tech continues  – in 2018 just 5% of participants in AP Computer Science were Black or African American students – including women and men (Education Dive, 2018), with just 3% of the computing workforce made up by African-American women, and 2% by Hispanic women (Department of Labour Bureau of Labour Statistics, 2018). The Women in IT Virtual Summit will facilitate knowledge sharing, education & networking that will focus on CHANGING the statistics around diversity and inclusion in the workplace, tech space and society. 

The summit will bring together delegates from around the world to cover the most pressing tech issues and continue the key diversity & inclusion conversations. Through a series of content streams, the agenda will share educational, insightful, and actionable recommendations, providing a platform for working collectively in solving some of the glaring problems we face today.  

Following the summit, we will come together on October 29 for the Women in IT Awards New York. Now in their 3rd year, the awards will shine a light on the amazing individuals and organisations who are not only breaking digital boundaries, but promoting the importance of diversity and pushing for a more inclusive tech sector.  Find out more - click here 

We look forward to seeing you there! 


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