Bonhill Group’s Information Age and DiversityQ are proud to announce the Women in IT Virtual Summit, Silicon Valley 2020.

Since reporting on diversity began among the tech giants of Silicon Valley in 2014, not much has changed for the better. Statistically, the presence of women and BAME employees has increased in the firms, but so has overall employment and therefore we must look at where the hires are being made; is it in admin, HR, marketing? Or is it specifically in technical roles, where we know diversity and inclusion is in a significantly worse state?

Progress on gender diversity is developing fast however, the percentage of black employees in many tech corporations is often less than half of their total population. Underrepresented groups are struggling to get hired due to claims they have no real-world experience, that companies have no time for hands-on-training and that they don’t hire ‘juniors’. Many initiatives and public programmes are working to eliminate these excuses, the bias that leads to them and improve the statistics not only in tech, but in candidature and leadership.

The Women in IT Virtual Summit will educate business leaders on how diversity in tech roles and organizations drives innovation. Through a series of content streams, the agenda will highlight why it’s important to maintain focus on D&I, explore the ways in which technology is providing solutions to a global crisis and provide a platform for global networking and collective problem solving.

Register your free place today and together, we will bring about greater change. We look forward to seeing you there!

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