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09:00  to  09:30 v Sala Duomo
Welcome and market intelligence
09:30  to  09:45 v Sala Duomo
Bottom-up stock picking: the active vs passive debate takes a turn
09:50  to  10:10 v Sala Duomo

Eurozone equities often represent a core investment to many investors around the world. How should an investor seek this exposure? Active? Passive? Gregg will detail the potential opportunities available in today's eurozone market. He will also highlight a detailed review of the performance and attribution of EU stock market returns.

Gregg Guerin. Senior product specialist. First Trust Global Portfolios.
Asset allocation – Shiller Cape
10:15  to  10:35 v Sala Duomo

Otilia will discuss Amiral Gestion’s asset allocation strategy via ‘Shiller Cape’, a cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio, which seeks to normalise the economic cycle by taking into account a company’s previous 10 years of profits. She will discuss this strategy in the context of the Sextant Grand Large equities fund.

Otilia Bologan. Portfolio manager. Amiral Gestion.
European equities: the alpha opportunity
10:40  to  11:00 v Sala Duomo

Reports of the death of the stock picker have been greatly exaggerated.  Europe, a market sometimes dominated by macroeconomic concerns rather than corporate fundamentals, might be considered a challenging place to generate alpha. Edward will highlight why the current market environment is conducive to generating great stock picking returns for the smart fundamental investor and where current opportunities might lie across the market.

Edward Rumble. Co-portfolio manager, European Equities Fund. RWC Partners.
Panel debate
11:05  to  11:20 v Sala Duomo
Coffee break
11:20  to  11:35
Welcome back
11:35  to  11:40 v Sala Duomo
Investing to improve
11:40  to  12:00 v Sala Duomo

By investing in companies and using the sustainable development goals (SDGs) as an engagement framework, Jamie will outline how investors can contribute to a more sustainable world. “Individuals increasingly want to make a positive impact and, as consumers, there is a growing recognition that we can align our investment decisions with our values,” he says. “Ultimately, we want our money to drive improvement in the world around us.”

Jamie Jenkins. Managing director, co-head of global equities. BMO Global Asset Management.
Re-evaluating the lines drawn between emerging and developed market bonds
12:05  to  12:25 v Sala Duomo

Emerging and developed market economies have changed over the past 20 years, and Michael will question whether country risks are now efficiently priced in credit markets. He will explore how an alternative perspective on evaluating country risks can achieve diversification and enhance returns in investment grade bonds. 

Michael Leithead. Senior portfolio manager & head of fixed income. EFG Asset Management.
Global multi-sector fixed income – the calm before the storm?
12:30  to  12:50 v Sala Duomo

Bond investors have benefitted enormously from the supportive policies of global central banks.  But as these policies are gradually unwound, clouds of economic uncertainty are growing.  Investors seeking stable levels of income without undue risk face a double headwind – navigating both the low interest rate environment and late-cycle credit markets.  David will explain how a more flexible approach is critical at this juncture.

David Lloyd-Nolan. Director, investment product specialist. MFS.

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