Has the boom in passive investing created a stock market bubble?

Joseph will look to address the market concern that the rush of money into passives over recent years has created a ‘bubble’, as a result of asset ownership and the demand for ETFs and index funds, and whether this concentration could amplify during a market selloff. With this in mind, he will assess where these kind strategies adopt investment implementation techniques, deploy technology and large pools of data to deal with liquidity and performance concerns over time. 

Joseph Molloyhead of the Index & Systematic Equity Portfolio Management,
HSBC Global Asset Management 

Joseph is responsible for the index and systematic equity portfolio management team. He joined HSBC in March 2015.


The financialisation of China

China is becoming a larger part of active and passive portfolios for all investors. Bhavick will discuss how changes in the Chinese capital markets are likely to lead to opportunities in the Chinese market and which other sectors are likely to be beneficiaries of the changing market. 

Bhavick Patel​​ETF business development director,
HSBC Global Asset Management

Bhavick manages all ETF relationships for HSBC in the UK.


The three pillars of doom 

 David will discuss the three biggest risks to growth over the next 12 months.

David Coombs​​, head of multi-asset investments,

David is the lead manager for the Rathbones Multi-Asset Portfolio Funds and the offshore Luxembourg-based Sicavs.


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