Sustainable investing – a practical discussion from active managers

Sustainable investing is growing rapidly across both passive and active managers, however the approach to this universe is wide-ranging. Justin will outline that there is no one single ‘correct’ method of sustainable investing and will explore its diversity. He will also highlight the challenges involved and ‘ESG traps’ to avoid.

Justin Kewsustainability manager,

Justin is a sustainability manager at Carmignac. He joined the firm in 2019.

How to better understand investor psychology and the rise of passive investing

With volatility increasing in the investment markets over the past 12 months, it is important to understand the psychological significance of this on clients and their advisers. James will show how emotional reactions to sport can help clients and advisers appreciate the impact that volatility has on investing behaviour. 

James Weston​​​, head of international managed solutions,
GAM Investments

The financialisation of China

China is becoming a larger part of active and passive portfolios for all investors. Bhavick will discuss how changes in the Chinese capital markets are likely to lead to opportunities in the Chinese market and which other sectors are likely to be beneficiaries of the changing market. 

Bhavick Patel​​ETF business development director,
HSBC Global Asset Management

Bhavick manages all ETF relationships for HSBC in the UK.


Distribution in an evolving landscape  

Over the past five years, during a time of unprecedented regulatory change, Marlborough Group has launched fund ranges domiciled in both Guernsey and Ireland. Linda will share her experience of how distribution channels continue to evolve and the increasing demand for funds regulated within a Ucits framework.

Linda McLaren, Head of business development,
Marlborough International

Linda is head of business development for Marlborough’s Guernsey and Ireland-domiciled fund ranges.

Product demand trends

Sean and Gilles will provide an outline of the principle investment markets that have been in and out of favour in key regions of the world – with a focus on the structural trends shaping client demand.

Sean Odedina​​, product strategy, Schroders
Sean is a member of the market intelligence team at Schroders, which develop new solutions to meet clients’ evolving investment objectives.

Gilles Cozma​​, product strategy, Schroders
​Gilles joined Schroders in 2017. Prior to that, he was at Franklin Templeton, where he set up the manager research function in London.

Bottom-up multi-asset investing: a new paradigm in a low-yield world

Francois will demonstrate why asset allocators need to look beyond the traditional top-down view of the world, and how a bottom-up approach can enhance the risk-adjusted returns for investors. He will also demonstrate how an emphasis on income and ESG can increase investor confidence in achieving their long-term goals.

Francois de Bruin​​​, fund manager, Aviva Investors Sustainable Income & Growth Fund,
Aviva Investors

Francois manages the global and regional listed real estate portfolio, and is also an Aviva Investors’ responsible investment officer. Previously, he was at Bridge Fund Managers where he began is career.

Sustainable investing

Emilie will focus on the importance of sustainability within investments, both in the eyes of clients and for financial returns. She will provide a guide to the different approaches of incorporating sustainability into an investment strategy from ESG integration and screening to impact investing. 

Emilie Shaw, portfolio manager,
Cazenove Capital, Schroders/Cazenove 

Emilie is the sustainability manager at Cazenove capital and also chairs the sustainability committee.

The quant outlook

This year began with rock bottom sentiment. Obe will discuss where are we in the cycle (late cycle, early cycle, defensive or cyclical?) and which styles, sectors, regions and countries are set to perform the best. He will also look at what risks are currently not priced into markets.

Obe Ejikemequantitative equity analyst,
Carmignac Risk Managers 

Obe joined Carmignac in 2014 as quantitative equity analyst within the cross asset team.

Has the boom in passive investing created a stock market bubble?

Joseph will look to address the market concern that the rush of money into passives over recent years has created a ‘bubble’, as a result of asset ownership and the demand for ETFs and index funds, and whether this concentration could amplify during a market selloff. With this in mind, he will assess where these kind strategies adopt investment implementation techniques, deploy technology and large pools of data to deal with liquidity and performance concerns over time. 

Joseph Molloyhead of the Index & Systematic Equity Portfolio Management,
HSBC Global Asset Management 

Joseph is responsible for the index and systematic equity portfolio management team. He joined HSBC in March 2015.


Where is the world at?

James will provide a macroeconomic update covering the major issues of the moment.

James McDaid​​, investment manager,
GAM Investments

James is responsible for developing and managing outsourcing solutions for UK independent financial advisers. 

Active, cycle-aware approach

As the debate on growth vs value rages on, David will look at whether now is the right time to be looking at active managers when blending styles within a portfolio. He will also look at how ESG comes into the thinking of a fund of funds team.

David Lewisfund manager, Jupiter Merlin team,
Jupiter Investment Management

David joined Jupiter in 2008, initially as a portfolio assistant, and became an assistant fund manager in 2010. Before joining, he worked at IFA Bestinvest as an assistant investment manager.


‘Not my Dad’s retirement’

 Baby boomers have been the luckiest generation of equity investors in history – and these ‘nouveau riche’ are now wary of putting their wealth at risk.  Graham will consider the remarkable series of events that created a ‘golden age’ of retail investing and ask how servicing that acquired wealth might operate within a lower-return environment.  

Graham Bentley, non-executive director,
Marlborough International

Graham is MD of investment consultancy gbi2, and a director of Marlborough International.

The three pillars of doom 

 David will discuss the three biggest risks to growth over the next 12 months.

David Coombs​​, head of multi-asset investments,

David is the lead manager for the Rathbones Multi-Asset Portfolio Funds and the offshore Luxembourg-based Sicavs.


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