How to exploit the long-term value opportunity in GEM

Value investing outperforms in global emerging markets over the long term but clients have been underexposed to this investment approach for some time. During 2018, price volatility and style rotation as value outperformed once more. However, a large value opportunity remains. Sam will discuss where the opportunities are today and over the long term.  

Sam Bentley, client portfolio manager, Eastspring Investments

Sam is responsible for representing the views and the strategies of the Regional Asia and Global Emerging Market equity strategies.

Conviction in emerging markets

Emerging markets struggled in 2018 as the US dollar strengthened, trade concerns rose and the outlook for emerging market growth deteriorated. This has significantly depressed valuations across most emerging market asset classes and raises the question of whether now is the right time to invest. Leonardo will cut through the noise and focus on the data, providing his outlook on the macroeconomic backdrop and the attractive opportunities available.

Leonardo DaCosta, director and portfolio manager,
First Trust Global Portfolios

Leonardo focuses on global fixed income and is a specialist in emerging markets. 

Goldilocks to return to emerging markets?

Nick will explain why he believes 2019 could be a strong year for emerging market equities. He will also outline how a focus on outstanding companies with sustainably high return on invested capital has the potential to produce outperformance over the long term.

Nick Payne, head of global emerging markets equities,
Merian Global Investors

Nick his head of global emerging markets and has more than 20 years’ experience in emerging and frontier market equity management.


The next generation of emerging markets

These economies offer opportunities similar to those of large emerging markets 10-15 years ago, providing access to growth opportunities in emerging and frontier markets that are under-represented by current indices. James will explain that these markets have low correlations to developed markets and to each other, resulting in a diversified range of companies and countries to choose from.

James Johnstone, portfolio manager, RWC Emerging & Frontier Markets,
RWC Partners

James co-manages the RWC Emerging & Frontier Markets strategies with John Malloy.

No plain sailing in 2019, but opportunities abound

The emerging markets equity team at UBS Asset Management believes the environment looks more favourable for emerging market equities in 2019. Alexis will explain the team’s philosophy for investing in good quality companies at attractive valuations, which forms the basis of a high-conviction yet diversified portfolio of about 50 stocks, and how this has helped generate consistent outperformance over time.

Alexis Freyeisen, equity specialist, global emerging markets equities,
UBS Asset Management

Alexis is responsible for the marketing and communication of emerging markets and Asian equity strategies.


EM development – understanding the future opportunity

Emerging markets are shifting their policy focus from ‘growth at all costs’ towards long-term economic development. This emphasis on improved productivity, higher living standards and increased sustainability is creating attractive investment opportunities. Saul will demonstrate how investors who get in front of these secular trends can reap the benefits of EM investing without the excessive volatility of traditional benchmarks. 

Saul Henry, investment director, investment products and strategies,
Wellington Management

Saul focuses on thematic investing capabilities at Wellington Management. 

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